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Why Choose HDPE for Temporary Pipeline Construction?

April 08, 2024

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is one of the most commonly used materials in temporary pipeline construction today, often used in oil and gas, municipal water systems, and heavy civil construction. The poly pipe is joined by a method that makes it seamless and virtually leak-proof, preventing spillage and reducing potential environmental issues. Utilizing the expertise of...

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Best applications for vertical turbine pumps

February 21, 2024

When moving water, there are many considerations: Are you moving clean water or are there solids or a corrosive effluent? What are the site requirements? What flow rate do you need to achieve? to name just a few. Our FieldForce team are experts at choosing the right pump for the job. We provide a wide...

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Automation in Temporary Bypass for Wastewater Management

January 08, 2024

How Can Temporary Bypass for Wastewater Management Benefit from Automation? The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act), described as a once-in-a-generation investment in our nation’s infrastructure, aims to deliver clean water to all American families and eliminate the nation’s lead service lines. Many municipal water and wastewater systems will require substantial upgrades while...

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Choosing the Right Industrial Heater for Rent

November 01, 2023

Renting a heater is a fast and economical way to keep your project running during the winter season. Whether you need a ground thaw heater for an infrastructure project, need to keep equipment warm and functioning well, or need to regulate temperature to cure paint evenly, there are a few things you need to know...

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Parallel Industrial Generators for More Power, Flexibility, and Redundancy

October 06, 2023

You need more power for a project. And you could simply use a single larger industrial generator to meet your needs. But while this often works well with small project, if you have a medium to large load, paralleling generators offers even more benefits. When paralleling generators, you physically connect 2 or more generators to...

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Choosing the Right Pump: The Difference Between Sludge and Slurry

September 20, 2023

There are many factors that go into effective fluid management during bypass and dewatering operations. One of the first considerations when choosing a pump is what type of effluent will you be pumping. Factors such as fluid weight, pH level, and the presence and size of any solids play a pivotal role in ensuring the...

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Quiet! For Peaceful Operations, Use Sound Attenuated Pumps

August 08, 2023

When choosing a high-performance pump for bypass and dewatering operations, you need a pump that is reliable and durable. And when working in residential areas or near hospitals and schools, you’ll need one that’s quiet, too. That’s why sound attenuated pumps make the best choice when renting or purchasing pumps for projects in noise-sensitive areas,...

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Essentials for Planning a Sewer Bypass Project

June 28, 2023

The current focus on improving our nation’s infrastructure means many aging sewer systems will be repaired or upgraded in the near future. A comprehensive sewer bypass plan includes project scope, site considerations (traffic, environment, and noise), equipment required, emergency response plans, and a regular maintenance schedule, as well as scheduling and workforce required. Choosing the...

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From Portable Compressors to Commercial Generators

January 30, 2023

FieldForce Equipment Sales & Rental: From Portable Compressors to Commercial Generators We introduced our FieldForce division in 2022 as a natural extension of our commitment to providing quality service to our customers in the oil and gas, municipal, industrial, and construction markets. FieldForce makes it easy to get the best equipment for the job, whether...

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Atlas Copco Pumps, Compressors, & Generators Sales & Rental

August 25, 2022

Atlas Copco Pumps, Compressors, And Generators Provide Exceptional Performance for FieldForce Equipment Sales & Rental Customers FieldForce Equipment Sales & Rental, a division of Keystone Clearwater Solutions, recently partnered with Atlas Copco to offer sales, rentals, and service of Atlas Copco Power Technique pumps, compressors, and power generation solutions in PA, WV, and parts of...

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