October 06, 2023

Parallel Industrial Generators for More Power, Flexibility, and Redundancy

You need more power for a project. And you could simply use a single larger industrial generator to meet your needs. But while this often works well with small project, if you have a medium to large load, paralleling generators offers even more benefits.

When paralleling generators, you physically connect 2 or more generators to produce the same voltage and frequency at the same phase angle. To achieve synchronization easily, industrial generators today employ a power management system. In the past, paralleling involved a network of wires, switch gear, and manual interaction that lessened the benefits.

Why parallel industrial generators?

  • Paralleling generators often means the initial investment can be reduced while still allowing changing power needs to be met in the future.
  • Easier to transport. On the road and on the jobsite, smaller towable generators are more easily moved than larger units.
  • If one generator fails, power can be maintained until that generator can be repaired or replaced.
  • Ease of serviceability. Whether a generator needs routine maintenance or a repair, it can be easily taken out of service without causing a complete outage and costly downtime.
  • Fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption is decreased when industrial generators are synchronized to share the power load.

While most generators with the same frequency and voltage can be paralleled, it is not always possible to parallel generators of differing sizes, age, and brands. According to Atlas Copco, a leading manufacturer of generators, some factors to consider when paralleling include synchronization of units, voltage regulations, overall load balance, altitude of the site and ambient temperature, what it takes to start the motors and surge capacities.

Atlas Copco makes paralleling easy

FieldForce maintains a fleet of Atlas Copco generators because they are field proven for stable and reliable power, durability, ease of maintenance, and simple operations. The QAS line of towable diesel generators is available in options ranging from 25 to 700 kVa rated prime power.

With its intuitive Power Management System (PMS), up to 32 Atlas Copco industrial generators can be connected. The advanced controller technology manages the load demand, increasing the efficiency by starting and stopping the generators automatically. This reduces fuel consumption and expands the life of the industrial generators.

Watch this video to see how simple paralleling Atlas Copco generators can be:

Expert power solutions

Want to learn more about how paralleling generators can benefit your project? FieldForce can help. Our experts will work with you to find a solution for your needs and budget. As an authorized dealer, we maintain a fleet of Atlas Copco generators for rental or purchase in the Mid-Atlantic region. Contact us to learn more.