April 24, 2024

Be Prepared for Storm Season: Generators and Dewatering Drainage Pumps

Storm season is upon us. The National Weather Service is expecting above average precipitation this spring for much of our service area. Excessive rainfall can drive heavy groundwater conditions that will require dewatering for excavations, bridge work, utility bypass, and other related water management on heavy civil construction projects. By planning ahead for stormy weather and related water infiltration, you can ensure a quick return to normal operations after flooding occurs. Two components of a solid water management and dewatering plan are drainage pumps and generators.

How to choose a drainage pump
Drainage pumps, like Atlas Copco’s WEDA D range, are ideal for general dewatering. Lightweight and capable of handling clean or dirty water with small solids (under 0.5”), these electric submersible pumps are sized to meet a wide range of conditions.

When choosing a submersible drainage pump, consider:

  • What type of fluid are you pumping: liquid, sludge, or slurry?
    The WEDA D range of drainage pumps is designed for liquid, while the S range handles sludge and the L range handles slurries.
  • If solids will be pumped, what is the maximum circumference?
    The WEDA D range handles a maximum spherical solid of up to 0.47 in.
  • What is the chemical composition and pH level of the fluid?
    The WEDA D range can handle a pH of 5-8 and a specific gravity of 1.1 (max. liquid density of 9.18 lb./gal.)
  • What elevation will you need to pump?
    The WEDA D range is designed with a max head ranging from 40 ft to 325 ft.
  • What is the distance you will be pumping and what is the desired flow rate?
    This will determine the line size necessary.
  • What is your power source?

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What to look for in a generator
Portable gas and mobile diesel generators deliver power where you need it. Pairing Atlas Copco mobile QAS generators with WEDA drainage pumps can provide for a quick and reliable storm recovery.

Features to look for include:

  • Easily transportable

QAS generators feature a 20% smaller footprint and a triple-axle trailer making it easy to move and position where needed.

  • Ease of use

The Atlas Copco QAS series features ergonomic sockets for hassle-free connections and an easy fill system to make refueling a breeze.

  • Reaches stable power quickly and lasts a long time.

The QAS series reaches stable power in less than 6 seconds and up to 40 hours of runtime with a double tank.

  • Durable to withstand the elements
    Atlas Copco QAS generators have a corrosion-resistant, sound attenuated canopy for long-lasting, quiet operation.

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Emergency response
It doesn’t take record-breaking rainfall to cause flooding and power failure. When emergencies occur, you need fast response to mitigate damage and get operations back to normal. FieldForce has a large, experienced workforce and well-maintained asset base, including drainage pumps and generators, available for emergency support 24/7/365.

Experts in drainage pumps and generators
FieldForce provides equipment and water management solutions for the municipal, construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Our fleet includes Atlas Copco pumps, compressors, and generators available for rent or purchase, as well as temporary piping, filtration equipment, light plants, and heaters available to rent. Call us today to learn more. 717-508-0550