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Be Prepared with an Emergency Sewer Bypass Plan

June 26, 2024

Heavy rains and flooding can overwhelm a sewer system causing overflows, backups into homes, and environmental damage. So can aging pumps and equipment failure. An emergency sewer bypass plan helps to get you back online as quickly as possible. An effective plan prepares for urgent and emergency sewer bypass situations by including an overview of...

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Be Prepared for Storm Season: Generators and Dewatering Drainage Pumps

April 24, 2024

Storm season is upon us. The National Weather Service is expecting above average precipitation this spring for much of our service area. Excessive rainfall can drive heavy groundwater conditions that will require dewatering for excavations, bridge work, utility bypass, and other related water management on heavy civil construction projects. By planning ahead for stormy weather...

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Choosing the Right Pump: The Difference Between Sludge and Slurry

September 20, 2023

There are many factors that go into effective fluid management during bypass and dewatering operations. One of the first considerations when choosing a pump is what type of effluent will you be pumping. Factors such as fluid weight, pH level, and the presence and size of any solids play a pivotal role in ensuring the...

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Quiet! For Peaceful Operations, Use Sound Attenuated Pumps

August 08, 2023

When choosing a high-performance pump for bypass and dewatering operations, you need a pump that is reliable and durable. And when working in residential areas or near hospitals and schools, you’ll need one that’s quiet, too. That’s why sound attenuated pumps make the best choice when renting or purchasing pumps for projects in noise-sensitive areas,...

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Emergency Response

May 11, 2022

Protecting a water supply from an algae bloom in less than 72 hours With the threat of a harmful algae bloom on a local river, a water treatment plant was concerned it would be unable to utilize source water from its river intake system. To address the problem, Keystone Clearwater designed and installed two emergency...

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Dewatering a Coal Mine

April 26, 2022

A coal mine in Northcentral PA was given a state grant to re-open a once-shuttered coal mine and Keystone Clearwater Solutions helped them achieve that goal.

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