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Understanding Sewer Bypass Pumping and Plugging

May 24, 2024

With federal funds available to strengthen our aging infrastructure, many municipalities are repairing or renovating storm and sanitary sewers. Sewer bypass pumping jobs use plugs and surface pumps like the Atlas Copco PAS series to bypass the section of pipe requiring repair and keep effluent moving. Pneumatic plugs Pneumatic plugs are comprised of an inflatable...

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Quiet! For Peaceful Operations, Use Sound Attenuated Pumps

August 08, 2023

When choosing a high-performance pump for bypass and dewatering operations, you need a pump that is reliable and durable. And when working in residential areas or near hospitals and schools, you’ll need one that’s quiet, too. That’s why sound attenuated pumps make the best choice when renting or purchasing pumps for projects in noise-sensitive areas,...

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Essentials for Planning a Sewer Bypass Project

June 28, 2023

The current focus on improving our nation’s infrastructure means many aging sewer systems will be repaired or upgraded in the near future. A comprehensive sewer bypass plan includes project scope, site considerations (traffic, environment, and noise), equipment required, emergency response plans, and a regular maintenance schedule, as well as scheduling and workforce required. Choosing the...

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Water Treatment & Filtration

May 09, 2022

Temporary treatment system for emerging contaminants Emerging contaminants that affect groundwater used for drinking water are becoming a frequent concern for water management, specifically in urban areas in the Northeast United States, where heavy manufacturing was historically prevalent.  As a result of groundwater contaminants percolating into earthen aquifers, water utilities are becoming increasingly aware and...

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