Heating Equipment

Heating equipment – solutions to keep your facility running year-round

FieldForce™ Rentals, Services, & Sales is a strategic partner with Cahill Heating for heating equipment and other winter operations support services in the Appalachian Basin.

Used in oil and gas, construction, or coating and painting industries, we offer heating equipment that supplies magnetic heat generation or turbofan jet engine technology for crucial systems that require temperature control. We offer portable heaters that are self-contained with no external power source required. We have options available that are flameless and fuel-friendly and provide GPS tracking for location and runtime. Some heaters are also designed to hold 150% containment should an accident occur and can run uninterrupted with a fail-safe back-up system in place.

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View the CHS13MS Flameless Heater spec sheet, CH15HS Industrial Heater spec sheet and Cahill Glycol Unit spec sheet for more details. Delivery, installation, and support are available.