June 26, 2024

Be Prepared with an Emergency Sewer Bypass Plan

Heavy rains and flooding can overwhelm a sewer system causing overflows, backups into homes, and environmental damage. So can aging pumps and equipment failure. An emergency sewer bypass plan helps to get you back online as quickly as possible.

An effective plan prepares for urgent and emergency sewer bypass situations by including an overview of system operations, identifying flows and site logistics, and preparing a detailed list and sources for equipment and services necessary for the bypass. In addition to pipe size, flow rate, and suction lift, impact considerations may include:

  • Is the site near a residential neighborhood where sound may be an issue?
  • Will the bypass operation affect traffic or property access?
  • Will environmentally sensitive areas be affected by the bypass?

Be sure to include designated service provider contacts in the plan. FieldForce is a leader in the Northeast for immediate support for emergency bypass and dewatering needs. You can reach us 24/7/365 at 717-508-0550 or toll-free at 888-426-2926.

Equipment needed

Pumps are top on the list of equipment required for bypass operations. A plan will specify the number of primary and back-up pumps required, the pump size, suction lift, and pumping rate to be achieved. Additional features such as sound attenuation to a specified dBa and fuel run-time should be noted.

FieldForce rents and sells Atlas Copco pumps because they are feature rich while offering the durability and performance our clients need to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Benefits of the PAS range of self-priming surface pumps include:

  • Semi-open impeller with solids handling capability of up to 3”
  • Compact size for easy maneuverability
  • Efficient – Up to 75% efficiency at B.E.P.
  • Easy to maintain with swing door access to the impeller and pump volute
  • Optional soundproof enclosure for quiet operations

Hose, Pipes, Valves, and Fittings

A sewer bypass also requires suction hoses, discharge piping, valves, float controller and accessories. Therefore, the emergency sewer bypass plan should specify the pipe sizes and joint types necessary to ensure a leak-free bypass. FieldForce offers a range of pipe sizes and fittings for rent.

Light towers, generators, and more
Additional equipment required during an emergency sewer bypass often includes light towers, diesel generators, and air compressors. FieldForce carries solar hybrid light towers from Dominight and a range of Atlas Copco generators and air compressors.

Experts in emergency sewer bypass in the Mid-Atlantic
Municipal sewer authorities turn to FieldForce for emergency sewer bypass services with 24/7/365 response. We maintain a fleet of Atlas Copco pumps, compressors, and generators available for rent or purchase, and a range of temporary piping, filtration equipment, light plants, and heaters available to rent. To expedite the time needed to respond to an urgent situation, FieldForce maintains inventory in yards in the Greater Pittsburgh area as well as Central Pennsylvania.

In additon to equipment rental and sales, FieldForce has an experienced and knoweldgeable team that provides turnkey water and wastewater bypass pumping projects and other water management projects for the municipal, construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors.

Call us today to learn more. 717-508-0550