May 11, 2022

Emergency Response

Protecting a water supply from an algae bloom in less than 72 hours

With the threat of a harmful algae bloom on a local river, a water treatment plant was concerned it would be unable to utilize source water from its river intake system. To address the problem, Keystone Clearwater designed and installed two emergency intakes as secondary and tertiary intakes, connecting the customer’s water treatment plant to an alternative surface water source.  We then installed a temporary 3,000’ 24” HDPE pipeline along the side of the river to link the two intakes to an existing raw water pipeline, which would supply the treatment facility on a temporary basis.

Keystone’s project team sourced the 3,000’ of 24” HDPE pipe, mobilized construction crews and equipment and completed the project installation within 3 days to allow the treatment plant operator to achieve its emergency contingency plan.  The project included coordination and logistics of heavy haul, construction personnel, HDPE pipe, valves, fittings, and centrifugal pumps necessary to complete the operation.

Operating throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Keystone’s team is well-positioned to respond to water and wastewater emergency situations, given its 24/7/365 operating schedule.  Keystone maintains a large staff of employees working around the clock to meet the water and wastewater needs of the industries we serve.  We can respond quickly with the labor, heavy equipment, pumps, pipe, and materials necessary to meet the demands of complex water management projects.